Naked Nature

exhibition of marble art

I’ll remember for ever the event of December 21. The exhibition of #artpredmetnino interior items made of marble and glass has been the first one in the field of item design in our region and therefore very exciting for me. I hope I’ve brought the message to everybody and I’ve convinced you to create some complicated interior items with the help of the local producers and craftsmen.
I suppose I’ve encouraged the interior designers to buy my marble tables for diverse interiors. I’m quite sure that my love for natural marble, stones and complex shapes encourages me to keep working hard in this field.
Of the guests present were such designers as Evgeny Makhnev, Yana Kholikberdieva, Julia Yakovleva. Also involved in the creation of the exhibition: photographers: -Savely Kharlamov -Rustam Koblev. sculptor: -Valery Pchelin. gallery owner: -Mikhail Larin. organizer of the exhibition: -MIG LLC Alexander Gamnikov